Open Bible Church is now Summit Christian Church. Pastors Scott and Connie LeLaCheur moved their family from Michigan to be the Senior Pastors of the Open Bible Church in August of 2014. The LeLaCheur’s bring years of experience from ministering in Colorado, Texas and Michigan. When Scott and Connie arrived in Tujunga, it was clear to them that the church had a rich history and heritage. More importantly, the community was hungry and ready for an exciting new chapter to begin. It was time to allow the Lord to breathe new life and give the church a fresh start with fresh vision. Through prayer and working with our leadership, a new timely vision for our church emerged. With a new vision in place we felt that it was time to re-brand the church. In the working out of this new vision for our church a very clear purpose and mission emerged, a desire to see people come up to a higher place - the summit - the place where we can meet with one another and most importantly God.

We are still a part of the Open Bible Family of Churches, we just changed the name to better reflect what God has called us to do here in the Foothills. 

From 1941 to the present hour, the uniqueness of God’s hand and touch on this church is most evident.  That which was birthed in the hearts of founders is continuing and provides a sure foundation on which we are building. Our history is rich our future is bright. Armed with fresh vision and a renewed passion we look forward to seeing God do great things in the Foothills. Come join us as we work together to see His Spirit empower people to rise up to the next level.


In January 1936, a small group of Bible-believing Christians, led by Mrs. Margaret Munson, gathered in a storefront building at the corner of Foothill Blvd. and Commerce Ave. in Tujunga, and the seed for our church was sown. By September 1941, the church was organized and Rev. E.C. Kragenbrink was invited to lead the congregation. Soon after that, the church moved into its first church building at 7510 Valaho Drive in Tujunga. 

By 1961 the land for our current location was purchased and a relocation project was underway. Services were held in the fellowship hall in 1963 while work continued for another year on the sanctuary. Dedication services were held on January 10, 1965.

In May of 1974 the Rev. Paul Pluimer and his family relocated from Montana to lead the church for what would become nearly two decades of fruitful ministry. Expansion in property and facilities were completed as ministry to the foothill community increased.

In 1984, God sovereignly brought together the merging of Trinity Bible Church and Trinity Christian School in Sunland, with our church. Dr. Allen chose to merge his ministry with this church based on its balanced ministry and the long tenure of its pastor. In 1997, Trinity Christian School became a separate charitable organization and ministered in the foothill communities. 

Pastor Curtis Arne and his family arrived in the fall of 1993 and served our church until the spring of 2000 when they were called to pastor First Church in Des Moines, Iowa.

Pastors Gary and Patty Moreno arrived October 29, 2000 and served our church until November 2003.  

Pastor Michael Shaffer and his family were called from within our body to serve and love our congregation. Michael resigned his position as Senior Pastor of Open Bible after seven years serving this body.  

Pastor Ron and Jennifer Storebo came to Open Bible in June of 2012. 


Summit Christian Church is affiliated by charter with the Open Bible Churches, Des Moines, Iowa and is individually owned and congregationally governed.  

In 1935 two revival movements, Bible Standard Conference of Eugene, Oregon and Open Bible Evangelistic Association of Des Moines, Iowa, merged to become Open Bible Standard Churches.  With links extending to the historic 1906 Azusa Street revivals, Open Bible is an evangelistic, Full Gospel movement with a passion for the Holy Spirit.   

Today, Open Bible’s ministry is expressed through approximately 1000 churches in more than 30 countries.  The number of credentialed ministers, both men and women, is more than 2000.  Our heritage of relationship is more than organizational; it is widely recognized as a family.